Thank you for your interest in the #SupportJournalism project. Our goal is to provide free access to reputable publications for those individuals within our community who cannot afford it. Without the generosity of others within our community, this program would not be possible. Thank you so much for considering a donation to this cause!

When we first started this campaign, it was conducted by having individual donors order gift subscriptions one at a time. It was a laborious and complicated process to manage. Since that time, and after consultation within the community, we have moved to a more direct donation model. It’s just too time-consuming and difficult to manage a program like this any other way. That being said, skepticism is always reasonable (and even encouraged).

We’ve done our best to make this campaign as transparent as we can. You’ll find a complete list of donations we’ve accepted and subscriptions we’ve provided right here on this website.

Available Subscriptions

Currently, we are supporting subscriptions to nine different publications. In some cases, we’ll also help provide access to a local newspaper if they have a digital presence and they can accept gift orders. To give you a sense of the costs, these are the average rates for each publication we support.

Where rates vary, it is due to the length of the subscription. For example, the New York Times can be purchased at six or twelve month intervals while the Washington Post can be purchased at three, six, or twelve month intervals. Where only one figure is given, it is for an annual subscription.

Please don’t be alarmed if you’re ideologically opposed to any of the above publications. They were chosen with great care. In the future, to qualify as a tax-free charity, we must show an apolitical approach to our gift-giving. That being said, you’ll find below that you can restrict your donations to specific publications. You needn’t indirectly support a publication you disagree with.

Donor Information

As a donor, we do our best to accommodate any requests or restrictions you’d like to place on your donations. When placing a donation, please leave any notes you feel are relevant, or reach out to @rswfire via Direct Message to let us know that way.

Generally speaking, these are the kinds of requests we can accommodate:

  • Your donation can be anonymous or include your Twitter handle.
  • You can restrict your donations to specific publications.
  • Reach out if you have other requests you’d like us to consider.

We accept one-time and recurring donations via PayPal. Occasionally, we may also run Gofundme campaigns for broader outreach, but this has not been done as of yet. If you’re ready to contribute, please choose the option below that best works for you. And thank you so much for your support!

Donations are assumed anonymous unless you contact @rswfire or provide your Twitter username on the payment form. Please note donations go to eNetwizard, Inc., which is my company as a freelance programmer. These transactions are treated separately, with full transparency availabile in this transactions log.

One-Time Donations

Please use this option for one-time donations.

Recurring Donations

Please use this option for recurring, monthly donations.