As a matter of transparency, we display all donations we receive in the below table. We also post thanks to donors in this thread. When asked, donor names are withheld.

DateDonorConfirmationAmountPg FeeTx FeeNet
08/26/17AnonymousClick to View$1,000.00 $150.00$0.00$850.00
08/12/17AnonymousClick to View$290.00$43.50$8.71$237.79
07/20/17AnonymousClick to View$25.00$0.00$0.00$25.00
07/20/17AnonymousClick to View$15.00$0.00$0.00$15.00
07/09/17AnonymousClick to View$500.00$75.00$0.00$425.00
07/08/17AnonymousClick to View$580.00$87.00$17.12$475.88
07/08/17AnonymousClick to View$5.00$0.75$0.45$3.80